Show Frag Tank

Show Frag Tank

This tank has become a favorite for the vendors at the frag shows. This Show Frag Tank has a 18″ x 24″ foot print. It is 6″ tall, and holds approximately 11 gallons. Paired up with my Bucket Frag Racks, and you have an easy to setup system.

London-frag-tank-v2-300x174 - Show Frag Tank


Here is a picture of the actual tank. Still needs some polishing, but this is pretty much it.

Show Frag Tank

Custom sizes are available.

For more info, or to order a custom one, please email me at



I have designed a bucket frag rack system that works with this tank. It makes getting to and from the shows so simple.

Here is a picture of the racks stacked as they would be inside the bucket (of water you need to be bring to the show anyways!)


A quick picture of them spread out;



Here is a shot of the racks in the position they would be in the frag tank;

Bucket Frag Racks installed



  • Frag tank – $210
  • Black bottom insert – $15
  • Black egg crate – $15
  • Bucket Frag Racks $100 each set of 3
    • (2 sets needed to fill the frag tank)


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