Display Cases

Display cases

Display cases come in all shapes and sizes. While many can be bought from big box stores, we do Custom pieces. Built to be just the right size, shape, and colour. Options include Custom etching (logo’s, who signed the ball, etc).


The picture below shows a piece done by a taxidermist covered by a 24″ x 24″ x 24″ case. After the many hours of hard work spent on this piece, the artist had a concern that dust would eventually ruin the piece. We designed the case to fit into the existing wooden base. The edges were all rounded over to make sure there were no sharp edges. By investing in the case, the customer has a true show piece, that will be dust free. The customer also no longer has to worry about children touching it!


The client didn’t want his customer having to struggle to keep the dust off the piece, so we built the case to fit into the wooden base that was already present.

Large display case.

Large display case.

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