The Weeknd Project

The Begining:

November of 2016 was a busy month for us here at JT Custom Acrylics. Our highlight project being the large 8 foot lightning bolt made for the weeknd’s pop up shop in downtown Toronto. At first, I didn’t even realize who I was doing the project for and had to ask my teenage daughter. She proceeded to say, “OMG dad that’s the weeknd’s starboy logo!” and it was then that I realized that this was big for us. Then the hard work started.

The Process:

It all started with the planning. The lightning bolt involved bending the acrylic into very precise angles in order to keep the shape exactly the same as our reference. 

When building the lightning bolt, we attached three separate pieces of acrylic in order to make the pieces easier to bend. The next step was adding the red LED lights.


As you can see, in the second photo, the lights were attached to the inside of the rim at the top of the Lightning bolt. We had some difficulties with the lights and had to get inside the lightning bolt to fix them up.

All in all, the lightning bolt table was a huge success and was loved by many who saw it at the pop up shop in November.


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