Sumps come in all dimensions and depending on the needed functionality, they come in many designs too! Most of my custom sumps are either small sized, or over sized! Typically a basic glass tank with some baffles and silicone will be cheaper than plexi. But sometimes, it is worth buying a perfect fit for just the right equipment. As these are all custom designs and custom built, please feel free to contact me with details and a sketch, even just a picture of a sketch on a napkin, and I will be in touch.




These three pictures are of a small sump. There was just enough room for a protein skimmer, heaters and a return pump.

Sump - SumpsSumpsSumps



Invention, idea design, new product is now reality at its finest. The following sump was a much larger (25″ x 27″). It is a perfect example of a fully custom fit.  This customer was kind enough to send me pictures after the sump and all its plumbing was installed.

Banner Think draw build


This one needed a brace for support. I prefer, and only do one piece braces.

braced sump

And finished

braced sump finished


Here is another of my sumps all ready for delivery!


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