Aquarium Covers – Mesh Lids

Mesh Lids

Keep the fish in, without preventing air flow! These mesh lids were designed to hang inside of rimless tanks, but they can sit inside of tanks with rims.  They are 3/8″ thick and the mesh screen is 1/4″. At JT Custom Acrylics all builds are custom, if you have a uniquely shaped tank we can make a cover. The breakdown is, on average, $23 a square foot.

Optional Additions:

– Auto feeder down tubes (keeps the food in the tube until it sinks)
– Electrical wires
– Hang on back equipment
– Small access lids/flaps

My Mesh Lid:

Here is the frame I made for my mesh lid. This is about 36″ square. The larger notch is for power cords and the return line. The small opening is for my overflow box. I will be making a black insert for it, it will keep the light out of the overflow.

Other examples of our previously done Mesh Lids:

In this slide show are some examples of our Mesh Lids in use. 

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