Frag Racks

Frag holders… What the heck? Okay, well people with saltwater tanks, like to spend money on corals, then cut them up! No really, we do….

So, once you have cut that coral, you attach it to a small plug. That plug now fits into a rack until the coral heals, or you sell it. Most comercial frag racks are just not big enough for active fragging hobbiests. So, in comes custom racks.

Some are looking for a clean rack, that is easy to keep clean. So, this 3 piece rack was my clients design. The two down arms are seperated from the base plate. I made a couple quick modifications to the design. I added a notch in the heel of the arm. This prevented the rack from flipping if there is too much weight on the front of it. This rack holds 30 frags.

30 plug frag holder - Frag Racks

This rack is a custom rack made for taking pictures. The black helps the coral colors stand out. The tank it goes on is rimless, so it didn’t need a large top to go over the aquarium trim. This rack holds 11 frags.

Rimless frag holder - Frag Racks


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