Bucket frag racks – Stackable

Well, after attending shows, and watching people un-bag corals at the beginning of the show, then re-bag them all at the end, I had to come up with a better way! So, Here it is; The stack-able, packable, Bucket Frag Racks!

There are two designs currently, and custom plates can be made (small up charge for a new drawing for the laser cutter, and possibly an extra for longer cutting time) One is to hold frag plugs. I have over sized the holes to fit any and all plugs (that I have found so far!). The second will hold a piece of egg crate. This can then be put into a frag tank. 2 sets of the stack-able egg crate design will fill our Show Frag Tank perfectly. The black egg crate also adds to the display of the frags.  $95.00 for a set which includes 3 plates.

Each disk comes with acrylic disc, and legs, and 3 wedges to prevent side to side movement in the bucket.

Style 1:

IMG_3786  IMG_3788

Style 2:

IMG_0188  IMG_0187  Bucket Frag Racks installed

Mix and Match em:


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