Aquarium Covers – Solid Covers

Here at Jt Custom Acrylics we build two types of completely custom aquarium covers, and this page is dedicated to the solid acrylic covers. The other cover we make can be found here on our mesh lids page.


Solid Acrylic Covers

While acrylic isn’t the best lid, our solid aquarium covers do work when you have to get around filters, heaters, and power chords. The biggest down side is that over time it will droop. When I can, I make the lid reversible; So, when it does start to droop, it can be flipped over and be allowed to droop the other way.

 This is a coral frag tank with our solid cover,

Solid Acrylic Aquarium Covers

  The tabs keep them from falling in. They were spaced so that if pushing the lid to the other side, it still would hold onto the edge.

Solid Aquarium Covers

Because of the need to remove the lid to access the tank for selling corals, and viewing, it was done in three pieces. One piece can be moved, or all. The spaces will allow air flow, thus good gas exchange.


 solid acrylic Aquarium Covers


Here is the cut out around the filter that was in use on the tank.

solid acrylic aquarium covers

This customer was heading out of town, and needed to make sure the auto feed still functioned, but also needed to make sure no one jumped! The solid plexi also reduced the evaporation that took place in his absence.

Solid acrylic aquarium covers

Laser cut, solid acrylic cover.



As these are all custom designs and custom built, please feel free to contact me with dimensions, details, and a sketch; even just a picture sketched on a napkin, and we will be in touch.


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