Acrylic Viewing Box

Acrylic Viewing Boxes

Viewing your corals, clams and fish from the top of the tank is usually impossible. This floating Acrylic Viewing Box allows you to view and or take pictures of your coral without the distortion of the surface of the water. This box may be used  to enhance the top down viewing experience and allow for taking pictures from this view surface viewing boxes can be designed to eliminate this effect of the water rippling and surface motion. The clear bottom is inset in the black acrylic viewing box to eliminate any lighting that will affect your photography when light passes through the edges of the clear acrylic.


Pictured is the 6″ box.

Acrylic Viewing Box

While the 6″ box is my standard size, we do make a smaller nano sized box at 3″ in size.

As always, we can make you a custom sized piece. Need more depth for a longer lens? No problem. Please feel free to contact me with dimensions and we will get back to you.


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