Finished Products

Our Finished Products:

Here at JT custom acrylics we have a huge selection of finished products, and are always getting requests for more. On these pages are some of our finished products that you can use as inspiration for any design. Our products are only limited by your imagination because; you dream it, we draw it.


3D printing

Currently we have black, and white material, but we can get pretty much any color (or close) in a day or two.

Our 3D printer

At Jt Custom Acrylics our printer is capable of printing a design as large as 7″, 7″, 7″  in pretty much any colour. At the shop we normally stock white and black, but other colours can be ordered. we can do basically anything you can think of printing so think away, and as inspiration go check this page out.

Aquarium Supplies

Aquarium Lids – Mesh and Solid

Aquarium Lids – Mesh and Solid

Above is one of the many aquarium accessories we have made here at JT Custom Acrylics. We started our business with aquarium related work, so our aquarium accessories are definitely worth checking out if you are a marine hobbyist to any degree.


Display cabinet with make up

this display is our only piece of cabinetry and we would love to make more pieces like this. look at this page to see what we have done and give us some requests for new ideas we can make for you.

Display Cases

We haven’t done many display cases but the ones we have done have all been huge successes. we have done a boxing glove display, a taxidermy case, and are planning on doing display cases for lego figurines.

Custom Projects

Our biggest idea is to create the things you are looking for, and that’s why there is a page dedicated to our custom designs. Our custom design gallery is huge.

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